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The municipality of Boquiñeni belongs to the river corridor of the Ebro River in the northwest sector of the province of Zaragoza. in the river section, which runs through our town, you can fish; It also allows you to go inside the river and practice water sports such as canoeing. The municipality of Boquiñeni is characterized by its low altitude ranging from the minimum, 219 meters above sea level in the Ebro River, to the maximum in the soft relief called Alto de la Loteta with 307 meters, so its orography It is ideal for sports such as hiking or cycling. In the term runs a section of the Natural Trail of the Ebro GR-99, a 1,200 kilometer walk that has the ebro as axis and reference. This route runs parallel to the ebro by the Boquiñeni grove for three kilometers of leafy banks that extend to gravel beaches. Then it is diverted between poplar and fruit trees. After leaving them behind, continue along the Carrizal del Tejar, a natural area that used to be the old riverbed. Further on, on a small mound, you can visit the Muslim remains of Calvary, near the neighboring town of Luceni. The Loteta Reservoir is located in the municipality, next to the Vasco-Aragonesa highway, at km 254.5 and the national highway 232, which is planned to be exploited for tourist and sports use. Nature lovers will also be able to visit the Barranco del Carrizal, where there are habitats considered as priority and of community interest, because they contain species with conservation value associated with steppe ecosystems. Scars of old meanders are also located in the Galacho de los Fornazos enclave, located on the right bank of the Ebro, in the terms of Boquiñeni and Pradilla, at the foot of the escarpment formed by an old fluvial terrace that provides an extraordinary panoramic view. This galacho, more than 2000 years old and fed by the water of the phreatic, conserves an area of ​​10/15 hectares, fundamentally of municipal ownership. The old channel appears totally colonized by a reedbed with small spots of cornea. During the spring a green spot covers the space and numerous birds build their nests there, which it is possible to observe with binoculars from the viewpoint. Until recently, this wetland suffered aggressions that profoundly altered it. In 2006 the Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro established an agreement with the Boquiñeni City Council for the development of a project for the restoration and conservation of this natural area. Currently, the viewpoint offers a panoramic view of this place and offers splendid views.

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