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The environment

Boquiñeni's municipal area belongs to the fluvial corridor of the river Ebro in the sector northwest of the province of Saragossa. In the fluvial section that passes for our locality it is possible to go fishing in addition allows to enter to the interior of the river and to practise aquatic sports as the canoening. Boquiñeni's municipal area is characterized by his scanty altitude that includes from the minim 219 mt on the level of the sea in the river Ebro up to the maxim in the soft named High relief of the Loteta with 307 mt s/M for what his orography is ideal to practise sports: hiking, cycling... In our term it thinks up a section of the Natural Way of the Ebro GR99. With the program of Natural Ways the Department of Environment and the Hydrographic Federation of the Ebro has created the Natural Way of the Ebro GR-99, which is a route senderista that takes the Ebro as axis and modal. This way passes for the locality and part from the Bridge that joins Pradilla and Boquiñeni, It continues for the shore of the Ebro leaving the locality to approximately 250 meters and it thinks up for the term of Boquiñeni parallel to the Ebro up to Boquiñeni's Grove 3 kms of leafy banks that spread up to a few beaches of gravels. Immediately desvia towards the right and it advances between groves of black poplars and fruit trees. After leaving them behind it follows for the Carrizal del Tejar, former riverbed of the river Hereinafter on a small mound the Moslem remains of the Calvary can be visited near Luceni's neighboring locality. In the municipal area there places the Reservoir of the Loteta, near the Basque - Aragonese highway in the km 254,5 and the national road 232, that this foreseen to be able to exploit it for tourist and sports use. The lovers of the nature also will be able to approach up to The Ravine of the Carrizal where it joins with the habitats considered like priority and of community interest, for containing specieswith value of conservation associated with ecosystems steppe. Also there are located scars of former meanders in the enclave of "Galacho de Los Fornazos", located in the right margen of the Ebro, in the terms of Boquiñeni and Pradilla, at the foot of scarp formed by a former fluvial terrace that provides the extraordinary panoramic one. Of an antiquity superior to 2000 years and fed by the waters of the phreatic one, a surface of 10/15 preserves You have fundamentally of municipal ownership. The former riverbed turns out to be totally colonized by a carrizal with small spots of bulrush... During the spring a green spot covers the space and numerous birds they construct here his nests. Up to recent dates this wetland suffered aggressions that altered it deeply. In the year 2006 the Hydrographic Federation of the Ebro established an agreement with Boquiñeni's Town hall for the development of a project of restoration and conservation of this natural space. Nowadays the viewing-point offers the panoramic one on this one On this place and it offers a splendid sights.

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